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Lombok Island

Culturally stunning

Unique Beauty

Vibrantly amazing

Bumbang Bay Luxury Villas For Investment, Rental or Purchase

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Lombok, pearl of the Indonesian archipelago, a heavenly island with a rich, mystical culture,
beautiful flora and fauna, friendly locals, unprecedented touristic opportunities. A relaxed way of life.

Lombok is finding balance
Lombok awakens. The sun appears behind the low green hill ridge in elegant terra colors: orange,
red, yellow and pink with increasing strokes of blue. Exotic birds start the day with an aria.
Especially for you it seems. To the left and right, the broad white beach in the intimate bay. Inviting you
to go for a jog or to wake up the body with some yoga exercises. The azure blue ocean alluringly
glistens in the first sunrays. Today a dive at the coral reef or a comfortable hammock and paddling
in water that is always 26 degrees? Visit a temple, a cultural event or the national park with animals
only to be found here? The smell of soft bread with crispy crust from the oven tickles your taste buds.
The elegantly set teak wooden breakfast table is filled abundantly with tropical fruits. Orange juice.
Fresh coffee. You choose how to start the day. Your day. Lombok is finding balance. Away
from all the rush but with the level of comfort that guarantees enjoyment.
Experience this jewel in the Indonesian archipelago.

Bumbay Bay Villa

Bumbang Bay
Their villas are located right near the beach of Bumbang Bay. This sheltered bay lies at the south
coast of Lombok and has a beautiful broad white sandy beach and an azure blue sea. The calm waves
make it an ideal spot to go swimming and snorkeling. Surrounding is a view of low green hills. The bay
is oriented at the (south) west with beautiful sunsets. Tourism is small in scale. You can find a number
of restaurants and holiday homes in the bay. The nearest tourist facilities are in Kuta, around 10 km
away from Bumbang Bay. The Indonesian government stimulates tourism in the area around Kuta. It
has designated the area, which is famous for its attractive beaches, as new tourist hotspot under
the name of “the new Bali”. This makest he surrounding area very interesting for investors. The expected
future returns are favorable. This is augmented by the new international airport Lombok International
Airport that opened in 2011.

Bumbang Bay

They offer you the possibility to make use of our park management services. Good management and
maintenance of your precious asset increase the value of your villa. In addition, good management and
maintenance lead to better rental possibilities. The most important thing, of course, is that you yourself
will be able to enjoy your villa for many years to come. Reception, security and janitor services are standard. The
following services are optional and can be purchased additionally:
1. Garden maintenance
2. Cleaning villa
3. Maintenance contract

Herein as well, customization is central. They will gladly make you a personal offer, completely catered to your
wishes with regards to complimentary services.

Bumbang Bay Villa

Rental possibilities
To optimize your precious possession’s proceeds further, they offer you the possibility to make your villa
available for renting through us. You decide when your villa is available. During the available period, they will
search for clients who want to enjoy your villa. They offer them a luxury all-inclusive stay at your villa and
will be taken care of completely. Services like staff, transportation, food and drinks are all included in the
They will make your dr eams come true!

After deducting all the costs, the rental profits will be paid to you every half year. Depending on the period in
which you offer your villa for renting, this can amount to rental proceeds of over 10%. If you require more details
contact us.


Indonesian property rights
It is not a given for a non-Indonesian to own real estate in Indonesia. Indonesian law does offer you two
possibilities though. You can purchase a villa with them through ‘leasehold’. In this case, the land will remain
property of PT Royal Dream Estate, their Indonesian BV, but they give you the maximum possible right
of usufruct. The second possibility is to reach an agreement with a name holder, a nominee, and to put
the villa on this name. This is the ‘freehold solution’. When you subsequently enter into four notarial
contracts, the influence of the name holder on your property becomes undone.In both cases, you become
the owner of the villa. Neither form affects the price of the residence. The choice is up to you. .