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Development of The Lombok Project
Unlike other places in Indonesia, the Lombok Project was started with a clean slate, making Lombok a unique development where the infrastructure is tailor made to incorporate the development and offers a rare opportunity to formulate one of the first global 'green tourist regions.

One of the latest investment opportunities is Galeri Beach Resort and Residences. in Cemara on the Ekas peninsular. This 5 Star development is one example of investment and purchase opportunities that show how development in Lombok, creates growing wealth and can yield excellent returns as property prices are increasing at a stunning rate. Galeri Beach Resort and Residences

Many global organisations have created the ground roots infrastructure needed to ensure that as Lombok Island evolves as a major tourist interest, it has the capability and capacity to grow and prosper with the rising demand.

Included in the phase 1 build of The Lombok Project were the roads, water and electricity network, this part of the phase had to be completed before construction could begin. The road network systems are nearly complete, connecting all areas and the new Lombok International Airport. The domestic supplies (water and electricity) are also near completion.

Transportation by air between Lombok Island, the rest of Indonesia, Australia and soon to be Dubai direct via Emirates, will improved over the next few years, this will lead to a growth in business opportunities and technical development thus contributing to financial and economic stability.Lombok Island Property Beach Indonesia

With companies from Bahrain now in the advanced planning stage, the new Yacht Marina and facilities, when completed, will feature many luxury yacht requirements and will ensure the Lombok Island will be the place to visit. 16 foriegn flagged cruise ships are sheduled to visit during 2016.
Mataram, the capital of Lombok, has all the facilities expected of an administrative town, with established shopping areas and malls, hospitals, bars and restaurants. The beach areas to the north of Mataram is Senggigi and is orientated around tourists and has well established bars, restaurants and hotels including the Oberio and Sheraton and other large hotel groups. Another well developed area aimed at tourists is a group of small islands called "The Gilies" they are Tarwangan, Air and Meno. These islands have excellent diving and snorkeling with many expensive villas, making this a very desirable property location.

South Lombok is a developers dream. With unspoiled beautiful white sand beaches and a pristine ocean full of incredible marine life, Lombok Island Property offers stunning land investment sites that have to be seen to be believed. Swimming is safe on the beaches as the waves break far from the shores.  Historically known and traveled to by surfers in quest of the perfect waves. South Lombok is virtually untouched, it has been cultivated for local farming purposes and local fishing only has been allowed for many years.  Preventing commercial fishing in these waters have left them transparent and full of life and colour. The Sasak people are very friendly and hold colourful flamboyant ceremonies very similar to that of the Balinese people.  The population of local residents in the south is very small therefore most beach areas have no local villages.  Kuta is the area of  South Lombok which has been selected by Emaar, the property development company based in Dubai, to build their world class 3000 plus accommodation resort.  They have chosen a green development project. Protecting the natural beauty of South Lombok. Kuta is located in the middle of the south and is 15km from Lombok’s new International Airport. The bypass, a four lane highway, connecting Kuta to the Lombok International Airport is already nearly completion.

Land for sale available in Kuta is only located in the mountains and in commercial areasBeachfront property is not available in Kuta as Emaar has reserved and purchased most of the area.




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