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Kuta is the main area in center of south Lombok. It is 25 minutes from the New International Airport. The connection highway to the Lombok Land For Sale in Kutaairport is already complete. Electricity and water supply are available in Kuta. Most of the land in Kuta will be developed in a joint venture project with Emaar from Dubai and the Indonesian government. Kuta is also where the Novatel is located. Most tourists coming to the south currently stay in Kuta. Kuta is a beautiful area with many cliffs, white powdery sand beaches and crystal clear blue water. Diving and snorkeling are fantastic in this area. Kuta Beaches, Lombok, are world famous for surfing and for the unusual decorative beach sand which is composed of minute round ball shaped grains.

Available Land for sale in Kuta
Plot 100 152 ARE SOLD
Plot 101 50 ARE SOLD
Plot 102 40 ARE NEW
Three new plots Available Soon 72.43, 47 and 118 ARE near the Novotel Contact Us for more details.


West of Kuta is Air Guling (translated from Indonesian to English Language is; water turning) due to the enormous supply of fresh spring water supply that is in this area. Located 5km from Kuta, the area is a closed bay surrounded by fertile green Lombok Land For Sale in Air Gulingmountains and has spectacular views of uninhabited small lush islands. Air Guling is regarded as one of the best surfing wave breaks in the south of Lombok, however, as typical of this region the break is far from the shore and the beach has a wonderful sandy front and easy for swimming. Air Guling also has three access roads coming from the main road from Kuta leading directly to the beach. Electricity is already established to the main road. Much of Air Guling land is already sold. Several areas have been purchased by Koreans, Japanese, Australian and Singaporean investors.

Available Land for sale in Air Guling
Plot 127 7.5 Hectares Please email us for details
Plot 126 SOLD
Plot 127 SOLD



Mawun Beach is classified by travel journals as being one of the world?s most beautiful beaches. Situated 8 km from south west Lombok Land For Sale in Mawunof Kuta.? It is a pure white side bay surrounded by rolling hills.? It has an existing access road to the main road which is a very short drive.? Electricity is available from the main road.? Water supply is also available.

Available Land for sale in Mawun
Plot 151 100 ARE (Available Soon) email for more info
Plot 152 450 ARE (Available soon) email for more info


Tampa beach is the next beach to Air Guling approximately 7 km from Kuta. It has a beautiful long white sandy beach with dramatic cliff Lombok Land For Sale in Tampah Beach views and easy access from the main road, Tampa is a flat area surrounded by mountains. Easy connection to electricity supply and water is available by drilling to approx. 1m.

Available Land for sale in Tampa
Plot 178 400 ARE NEW



Approximately 12km west from Kuta, Mawi beach is a beautiful enclosed cove.? Surrounded by mountains.? Course grain sand makes this beach a real workout for walking. Lombok Land For Sale in MawiA surfers dream as Mawi Beaches have excellent surf breaks and has become well known in the South of Lombok for quality surf. Mawi has a village road which connects to the adjacent beach of Selong.? Selong Blanak, in turn, has its own connecting roads to the new international airport linking it directly, without having to go back to Kuta.? The electricity has already been put into Selong Blanak and Mawi. Mawi has existing wells and water is of abundant supply in this area, assisting the abundance of local agriculture.?

Available Land for sale in Mawi
Plot 201 99 ARE NEW
Plot 202 SOLD
Plot 203 SOLD
Plot 204 78 ARE NEW
Plot 205 141 ARE NEW



Selong Belanak is absolutely beautiful. A very long white fine sand beach with the perfect sunset views. The oceanLombok Land For Sale in Selong Blanak
here is so pristine with incredible colours and plentiful marine life. Easy swimming on this beach with a powder sand bottom. The views from Selong are also breathtaking. You are able to see many of the other bays from Selong beach. Boat access is also very convenient in this bay. Surrounded by rolling hills. Selong Belanak also has the main connection roads leading to Lombok International Airport that connects all the south western located beaches. Electricity is already fully into Selong and easy connection is available.?Currently there are hill villas built in Selong. Water is also plentiful in this area and agriculture is rich in Selong Belanak. Most of the land in Selong Blanak is already sold.

Available Land for sale in Selong
Plot 223 SOLD
Plot 224 SOLD
Plot 225 SOLD
Plot 226 SOLD
Plot 227 200 ARE NEW
Plot 228 SOLD
Plot 229 33 ARE NEW
Plot 230 SOLD
Plot 231 70 ARE NEW
Plot 232 16 ARE NEW
Plot 233 48 ARE NEW
Available Soon 141.8 ARE Contact Us For More Details



South West of Selong Blanak is Serangan.? This beach has been well known in the South of Lombok for many years.? It has perfect wave Lombok Land For Sale in Seranganbreaks for surfers. The beach is also very famous for their decorative sand.? Here the sand is white perfectly round balls.? The mountains in the back of this cove are just stunning.?They are very high and lush.? The famous mountain rice from Lombok is farmed in this area.? The mountains are carved into rice patties which has created a very artistic look to these large mountains.? Serangan is now connected to Selong Blanak as the new access road is already completed.? With the new road complete the connection is already established to Lombok International Airport. Fresh water is abundant in this area. Electricity is due to be installed by the end of 2014.

Available Land for sale in Serangan
Plot 251 SOLD
Plot 252 SOLD
Plot 253 SOLD
Plot 254 10.5 Hectares NEW



Pengantap is located in Sekotong. It is a very white pure white fine sand beach. Very calm ocean perfect for swimming.?Diving in this area is also well sought after. Sekotong itself, on the north coast, is already partially developed. It is home toLombok Land For Sale in Pengantap Sundancer as well as other resorts. Sekotong is also home to the world?s best known wave the famous Desert Point.?? Pengantap will have an access road which will go directly into Selong Blanak. This will tie Pengantap into the whole region of South Lombok. Access to the airport will be very convenient with this new road due for completion by the early 2011. Pengantap has several cliffs and a mountain terrain in the back of the bay. The colours of the ocean in this area are truly spectacular they go from emerald green to turquoise blue. Boat access is also very convenient in into this bay. Pengantap has a large agricultural area in the back of the bay and fresh water is plentiful. Many wells are already in this area. Electricity will be installed by the end of 2010.

Available Land for sale in Pengantap
Plot 274
Plot 275 SOLD
Plot 276 160 ARE
Plot 277 Cliff 92 ARE NEW



Gili (Sekotong Region)

The are small group of Islands situated in the south west of Lombok and located close to Sekotong. These islands have someIslands for sale in the Gilis Lombok of the best surf spots in Indonesia an with beautiful sandy beaches and perfect crystal clear sea the provide ideal swimming beaches. Diving and sailing are excellent due to these idealic conditions. Plots 503 and 504 have the very rare opportuity to purchase the whole island for that exclusive retreat that deams are made of.


Gili Gede Plot 501 New Beachfront
Gili Layar 140 ARE Plot 502 NEW
Gili Lontar 4 Hectares Plot 503 NEW Entire Island
Gili Poh 180 ARE Plot 504 NEW Entire Island
Gili Sudak 800 & 200 ARE Plot 505 NEW
Meang Bay Plot 526 NEW Beachfront


South East Lombok Island Property Portfolio



Gerupuk is the most famous and well known area to date in the south of Lombok.?Surfers from every country come in pursuit of the waves.? This area is particularly appealing due to the friendliness of the wave.? A lot of surfers who are strivingLombok Land For Sale in Gerupuk to obtain more confidence enjoy these waves.? Most of Gerupuk has been purchased there are a lot of surfer style accommodation.? Several restaurants and small bars.? It is a colourful and lively area as many of the locals here are surfers and take people out on boats in pursuit of waves.? Also from this area you can charter boats to take you to all the surrounding bays for a snorkeling or a diving or perhaps some fishing if you fancy. Water and Electricity have already been installed into this bay.

Available Land for sale in Gerupuk
Plot 1 101 ARE SOLD
Plot 2 81 ARE SOLD


Is located only 7km east of Kuta. It is one 1km from the port and marina in Awang. The next bay over from the famous surf spot of Gerupuk.?Bumbang truly has it all.? Breathtaking sunsets. White powder sand beaches.? Rolling hills withLombok Land For Sale in Bumbang Bay amazing views. It is an ideal swimming beach as the surf break is 300m from the shore.? Bumbang also offers some great waves.? This is the area selected by Roxy and Quicksilver to build two surf schools in Lombok . The water is crystal clear. On the west side of Bumbang bay is a large powerful mangrove.? It contains some very interesting tree and plant species and some tasty crabs?? Bumbang is not a large bay it is small? and secluded.?The views from Bumbang are stunning as there are many large rock formations in the waters surrounding Bumbang. Water is plentiful in all areas of the bay.? Electricity has been installed to the main access roads into the bay.

Available Land for sale in Bumbang
Plot 1 70 ARE SOLD
Plot 326 35 ARE
Plot 3




Awang Bay has an amazingly long white powder sand beach. This is perhaps one of the main reasons it was chosen for the port and future marina. The port is already well into construction. The joint venture is with a Russian company and the Lombok Land For Sale in Awang Baygovernment of Lombok.?The future plan is to equip the area so that Lombok will be able to accommodate Super Yachts. The land in Awang has very strong commercial potential. The electricity is already in all of Awang Bay.?The same as most of the bays in south Lombok the bay is abundant in fresh water supply. There are many major access roads leading into Awang Bay.? One is from Kuta, the other comes from southeast Lombok. There are many hills surrounding Awang Bay, which makes it very picturesque.? Awang also has a front on view of Ekas. The dramatic cliffs of Ekas create a rather spectacular view.

Available Land for sale in Awang Bay

Plot 1 SOLD
Plot 2 SOLD
Plot 3 SOLD
Plot 351SOLD



Brendeng Beach is situated near Awang Beach and Marina with the marina construction well underway, the future plan for this area is to attract Super Yachts, so the surrounding area is sure to attract much attention.

Land for Sale in Brendeng Beach
Plot 1 600 ARE SOLD


Ekas is the highlight of southeast Lombok. It has a magnificent backdrop of dramatic limestone cliffs. This is Lombok's ?Costa Esmeralda? The cliffs of Ekas are famous throughout Indonesia for their array of wonderful fresh lobsters.?There are Lombok Land For Sale in Ekaslobsters at every depth of these mighty cliffs, the deeper you go the taster the lobster. Ekas is extreamly well known to experienced surfers. The waves along this bay are extremely powerful and very challenging. Ekas is located directly across from the future port, super yacht marina in Awang.?The view from high up on the cliffs of Ekas is spectacular.?Ekas also has peaceful sunsets. The government has built a 16m wide highway from Ekas connecting all the southeast beaches of Lombok.?This highway will connect to the new Lombok International Airport. The official grand opening of Ekas is scheduled for 2012.? The governor of Lombok has already invited 1500 diplomats worldwide to attend the grand opening of this stunning bay. Many famous luxury hotels will be in Ekas, names including; The Ritz Carlton and The Ferragano.

Available Land for sale in Ekas
Plot 401 SOLD
Plot 402 5 Hectare
Plot 403 400 ARE
Plot 405 SOLD
Plot 406 NEW Listing



Kaliantan Bay has white powder sand beaches. It is an excellant surf spot for the more experienced surfer. The waves are powerful and large.? Kaliatan has a 16m wide access road running through the bay that connects it to Ekas and Cemara.?Lombok Land For Sale in Kaliantan Kaliatan is located 40 minutes from the New International Airport, when the roads are completed.? Kaliatan is part of the east of Lombok that will have their grand opening in 2012 and will be showcased to promote tourism in Lombok, the ? beautiful rolling cliffs and turquoise blue waters make Kaliantan the ideal paradise backdrop for this event. Kaliantan is an agricultural therefore the fresh water supply abundant. Electricity will be connected to the east of Lombok the end of 2011 .

Available Land for Sale in Kaliantan
Plot 1 SOLD
Plot 2 SOLD
Plot 426 7300 ARE Available soon
New Plots Available Soon Contact Us For Details



Cemara Bay is Lombok's Mediterranean. Cemara is a very long deep bay so it is the ideal swimming beach and has absolutely white sandy beaches. The ocean is crystal clear abundant with marine life, full of colors and turquoise blue waters. The snorkeling and fishing is fantastic in this bay. Cemara has a 16m wide highway connecting it to Ekas bay, as well as Lombok Land For Sale in Cemaraaccess to the New International Airport. The airport is approximately 45 mins from Cemara. The opening of Lombok's east is scheduled for 2012, 1500 diplomats from around the world have been invited to attend. Many famous International Hotels have purchased land in Cemara and surrounding area and will be building this year. Electricity will be installed to the area this year 2011. Cemara is rich in agriculture so the area has a very good fresh water supply. Cemara is one of Lombok's natural treasures.

Available Land For Sale in Cemara
Plot 1 SOLD
Plot 451 There are 3 Plots here NEW
Plot 452 NEW



Teluk Sekaroh is a very unique area, it is a peninsula with a staggering rugged costline.? One view is the ocean to Zimbawa and the other side is the calm flat bay of Cemara. There is a road that goes into Sekaroh or access by boat from Lombok Land For Sale in Teluk SekarohCemara. Fresh water is accessible in Sekaroh.? Electricity is not available till the end of the year.? This area is perfect for an environmental resort.? An adventure resort would also be ideal for this area. The views and the small enclosed private beaches are just stunning.

Available Land For Sale in Teluk Sekaroh
Plot 476 300 ARE Coming Soon
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