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Surfing in Lombok Indonesia




Surfing in Lombok
Known to Australians as "Desert Point" Lombok's Bangko Bangko beach is situated in the south west of the island. The break is left handed and in favorable conditions can break up to 300m from between 3 to 8 feet in height. An added advantage with surfing in Lombok is it's far less crowded than Kuta beach in Bali. Generally the whole of the south coast of Lombok offers ideal surfing although in some areas a hire boat is needed to get to the surf. The locals are more than happy to show you where to find the best waves. For a surfers paradise you don't get much better than Kuta, also on the south coast. It provides excellent waves in ideal conditions and again the local surfers are more than willing to help you out with the best locations, for surfing and refreshments ashore! Many Australians have bought property or Holiday Homes in Lombok on the strength of the ideal surfing conditions that Lombok has to offer.

To the east of Kuta is Gerupuk Bay, it has five areas which offer various conditions depending on swell, tide and wind. Generally though Gerupuk always has good surfing conditions, all the surf areas are only accessible by boat and again, the Lombok local surfers will help you out with any information.

Gerupku/Bumbang Bay
Has a right handed break over a flat reef and is ideal for all levels of surfing. The long wall has a forgiving lip and on days with a big south western swell there can be no better place to surf. Suitable for all seasons and most wind conditions due to the protection of the surrounding hills. Best on an incoming tide.

Gerupuk/Gili Golong
Best at mid to high tide this right hander has multiple peaks and offers large drop off on take off that bends into a hollow. Can reach 8-10ft but at its best at 4-6ft from October to April

Gerupuk/Don Don
This is the furthest break in the bay and consequently needs a larger swell. Ideal for all levels of surfers Don Don has a text book A-frame peak that bends both left and right and as long as the winds are light, surfing is good all year round on any tide but the best is an ebbing tide.

Surfing Gerupuk Lombok Indonesia 

Kids Point/Pelawangan
This is barrel highway! but when the swell is big this right hander is superb. Best on a flooding tide

Air Guling
This right handed reef break has to be the best on the south coast, located on the west of Kuta. The inner section at low to mid tide doubles up and barrels. The other side of the bay is surfable but only when there is a small swell, October - April is the best when the wind is in the north west for much of the time. Air Guling is good for 8-10ft when perfect but 4-6ft its at it best.

Surfing Lombok Air Guling Right Hand

Serger Beach
At 2km away from Kuta is Serger another right handed reef break. Ideal surfing when the swell drops. With an off shore wind and mid tide Serger Beach is a great spot with short tubes and bowly walls its a cool place to practice your skills. Best time is October - April with a light north westerly wind.


Just 20mins west of Kuta is Mawi, on a quite day this reef break has cool, short and hollow rights and lefts. However with a 6ft+ swell, Mawi changes and becomes a barreling monster with heavy hold downs and elevator drops. At 8-10ft Mawi gets serious and is not for the inexperienced. Best with south east trades at mid tides from May to September. In short Mawi offers the maximum you are prepared to surf all you have to do is hang on!

Ekas Bay
A short 30min car ride and 20mins on a boat gets you to Ekas where you'll find two surf spots. Outer Ekas, a left handed break that starts working at 5ft and will hold up to 10ft, it provides huge drops and loads of face to carve. Best when the wind is i the south east at mid to high tides. Inner Ekas, a fun packed walling peak that will handle good size. It needs wind from the south east and a big swell and will offer long rides and barrels along the inside of the right, the Right is ideal at low tide and the left holds well at 12ft+.

Inside Ekas  Outside Ekas

Desert Point/Bangko Bangko
Situated on the south west coast of Lombok at a 3hr drive from Kuta Desert Point is excepted as having probably the best waves in the universe. 20sec barrels have bee seen and tubes of 10sec are common. A south east wind, big swell with new or full moon low tides from May to October are ideal conditions. Many weeks can pass without these waves but when it hits the wait is worthwhile!! Not for the inexperienced, but you will need a good tube riding board.

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